Article: Public perception of PAP is that it is all controlling and all-encompassing in every aspect of Singapore [by Ghui] posted on The Online Citizen website

Excerpts from the article [14 May 2018]:

“Where then is the contempt? I do not interpret Wham’s statements as critical of the courts. I see it as a comment on the far-reaching control of the PAP. Is that criticism?”

“As for the courts, most people already have the opinion that it toes the line when it comes to political decisions. Whether this perception is right or wrong is another issue. But the supposition that the masses view the PAP as all controlling (including controlling the courts) should surely not be surprising to the courts. In this scenario, do Wham’s statements still fall within contempt?”

My comments [14 May 2018]:

To me, from my perspective as a member of the public, there is no question of JW’s comment “Malaysia’s judges were more independent than Singapore’s for cases with political implications” being taken as contempt of our judiciary; it appears our AG is incapable of reading a short, simple sentence.

This comment by JW can be read as: Singapore’s judges can be seen as independent [by whoever is/are interested in such issues], but Malaysia’s judges appeared to be more independent.

Is there a good reason for objecting to such an interpretation? From my viewpoint, there is none.

And if I think our AG is a dumb-ass for treating the comment as contempt of court, can I be charged also for contempt of court? Well, if you ask me, I will have no hesitation in saying, from my perspective, I think our AG is a dumb-ass. I may not be alone, of course, in having such a viewpoint of our AG.

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