Singapore’s cabinet shake-up.

Posted in Soul of Singapore on 25 Apr 2018 relative to article captioned: What Singapore’s cabinet shake-up reveals about succession plan [24 Apr 2018]…/what-singapores-cabinet-shake-reveals…

My comment
What succession plan? What about a non-Chinese PM? Like the farcical orchestration the govt had engaged in, in ushering the Speaker of Parliament to the Presidential seat, with pseudo consideration such as minority race representation, when are we going to see a non-Chinese as the PM? Similar consideration: minority race representation. For 59 long years, since 1959, no person from a minority race has acted as PM of Singapore. Why?

Whereas for the same period, for the Presidency, we have had 1 Eurasian, 2 Indians, 2 Malays [one of whom is allegedly half-Malay and half-Indian] and 3 Chinese.

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