Opinion | If the World Was Ending, What Would Your Last Message Be? NY Times Opinion Page

My comment [posted 2 Dec 2017]
Hi, there, whoever you are but technologically advanced enough to hear and understand this message.

I am one of the human species on this planet Earth, one of a collection of nine planets surrounding a star our Sun. One of the beauties about Earth is its rich diversity of life forms with human beings at the top of the food chain. In a way, we humans are a remarkable lot. Our scientists have researched that human history is a relatively short one, going back into mere hundreds of thousands of years, or a few million years at the most, despite the fact that various scientific studies have pointed to the Earth as having been in existence for around 4.5 billion years.

Humans have learnt to build infrastructures for their own benefit and the benefit of other creatures here on Earth; there is much evidence we are capable of showing love and care for each other, for animal welfare, and deep concern for the living environment. However, humans also have their differences and disagreements, and this is one drawback that has led to the Earth being what it is today: ceasing to be an inhabitable planet, as an outcome of warfare between humans using nuclear weapons; nuclear weapons, as you are probably aware, are super-destructive, and with their deployment, thoughtless, reckless, insane or whatever term we care to use, the Earth will shortly become uninhabitable. Radioactivity has set in with drastic, lethal effects on all living things and much of the Earth’s surface area has already become barren. Billions of people have already died and billions more are waiting for the final curtain to fall down. Hope this will be a lesson to those of you who are out there, somewhere in the universe, that knowledge and technological advances are no guarantee for peaceful living or for the long term interests of the living environment. Please take care; bye.

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