Halimah Yacob’s vapid slogan: Is her presidency going to be just as insipid? by Carlton Tan [article posted on 30 Aug 2017 in website of The Online Citizen]

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My comment:

HY may not be proficient in her use of the English language, but that’s OK. What is more important, is whether she is capable of acting honestly and logically, in her role as President, assuming her election [or appointment?] is a foregone conclusion. As the Speaker of Parliament, she had blatantly showed a bias toward her own party [PAP]; just review the records of her frequent midstream interrupting of questioning/speaking initiated by opposing members in Parliament, in past Parliamentary sessions, and we can see the evidence.
From my perspective, I have to say I have no confidence in HY’s leadership, whether as President [or as Speaker of Parliament]. At any rate, this PE should be an open election, with no racial restriction; that it has come to this stage is solid evidence of a shameless govt led by a shameless PM with an apparently low capacity for sound…

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