Article by Ghui: No by-election even if minority MP quits GRC? Shouldn’t the constitution trump the PEA? Posted on 9 Aug 2017 in website of The Online Citizen

My comment [9 Aug]:

Making the PE for 2017 a racial matter is a complete deviation from what meritocracy is about. Having a Malay President is no protection for the Malay minority community, just as having an Indian President is no protection for the Indian minority community, or a Chinese President for the Chinese majority. The Singapore President has no political power, absolutely none, hence what so-called protection of so-called minority can be derived from such a position?

My observation with regard to GRCs is that the concept was introduced for the benefit of the ruling party, to entrench its political power than for any other reason one can think of.

The tweaking of the Constitution vis-a-vis the Presidency is, arguably, highly unconstitutional, a huge blemish on the govt that will go down in history as one of the greatest errors the govt has committed, an error that can be evaluated as so ridiculously unprincipled, that one wonders whether the people involved in it were irrational or insane.

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