PM: Don’t Let Foreign Conflicts Affect SG Harmony [article posted in REACH on 25 Jul 2017]

My comment 28 Jul 2017
What harmony or conflicts was the PM referring to?
The Pm should be aware that his govt is guilty of creating disharmony or conflicts in Singapore by playing the race card, by irrationally tweaking the Constitution with the object of ensuring the next President after Tony Tan is a Malay. There was simply no justification, not even a shred, for raising the non-racial qualification criteria, let alone making it a contest for Malays only.

This stupid initiative of the govt will go down in history as one of the greatest flaws or mistakes the govt has committed; the PM should take time to review the umpteen comments that can be found in various Internet websites that are highly critical of the stupidity of the govt vis-a-vis the Constitutional changes for the PE this year. Tell me, is there a good reason why I should participate in this PE by casting my vote?

Has the PM forgotten that for the last 58 years, we have had seven Presidents: 3 Chinese, 2 Indians, 1 Malay and 1 Eurasian; 4 were Parliament-appointed, 2 people-elected and 1 as a result of a walk-over. And for these same 58 years, we have had only 3 PMs, and all of them Chinese. Which can lead one to question: How come, despite the fact we have minority races among us, and the fact we have ministers in Parliament, from some minority races, we have not had a non-Chinese PM for the last 58 years?

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