Article published in The Online Citizen website: “Malay community must retain some semblance of its pride, honour and integrity, to call a spade a spade.”

My comment [18 Jul 2017]:
I am totally against the stupidity of the govt [PAPy politicians, if you like] in orchestrating changes to the Constitution so as to ensure the next President is a Malay. There is simply no rationale or justification for orchestrating these changes.

If anyone from a minority race had entered for a Presidential election [people-voting process], and had not been elected, and the records show that in four successive PEs, only contestants from the majority race [the Chinese] had won, then I would be supportive of any changes – such as restricting the election to a particular minority race, for the sake of minority race representation for the Presidential position. However, such a move would mean a departure from democratic principles; we would then have to orchestrate or manipulate further to ensure other members from other minority races are given the opportunity for representation; which can turn out to be a messy slippery slope.

From the time the people-voting process started, starting from the elections in which OTC emerged as the people’s choice, no one from a minority race has entered and lost; in fact, except for Nathan, who had the luxury of a walk-over, no other member from a minority race has contested in the people-voting Presidential elections. So what the #%&k about the baseless survey about people tending to vote for someone from their own race? Bukit Batok by-elections – who emerged as victor? Anson, some years ago, J B Jeyaretnam [from a minority race] won.

Politicians who are filthy with concern for their own selfish agenda cannot and should not be allowed to continue in office. Filthy politicians can cause racial rifts among the people. Filthy politicians are in fact a real menace to the entire community. We have to remove their power, and to do so we have to remove them from office; this means VETO them OUT in the next GE. And the people, the citizens, have the power.

Filthy politicians have forgotten that for 58 years we have had seven Presidents: 3 Chinese, 2 Indians, 1 Malay and 1 Eurasian; 4 were Parliament-appointed; 2 were people-elected, and 1 won by walk-over; and during these same 58 years, we have had only 3 Prime Ministers, and all of them Chinese. Filthy politicians… – I shall leave to others to continue.

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