38 Oxley Rd: Why now, not later?

Comment posted by me in theonlinecitizen website in response to article: “38 Oxley Rd: Why now, not later?”

My comment 28 Jun 2017:

Any lawyers out there with an opinion to share?

Having accepted his share of the inheritance and having sold the property he inherited to LHY, LHL can be said to have accepted or agreed to the terms and conditions of the Will. Yes or No?
I think most of us here would say Yes.

LKY died in Mar 2015; LHL sold the property to LHY in Dec 2015. Between the time LHL inherited the property [by becoming the new owner] and the time of sale of the property to LHY – a period of roughly 9 months – LHL could have proceeded with the demolition of the property, assuming of course he was bent on fulfilling his parents’ wishes and could advise or request LWL to move out [assuming she was still residing there] so he could achieve this objective; if he had embarked on this course, LWL would have complied by relocating – this we can reasonably consider as plausible.

Was LWL a resident in 38 Oxley Road during the period mentioned above – Mar/Apr 2015 to Dec 2015?

The fact that LHL sold the property to LHY in Dec 2015 seems to attest to one thing – he had presumably taken no action for the demolition of the house; did he ever discuss with his siblings [himself or via his lawyers] about his wish to demolish, to give effect to their parents’ wish, since he became the new owner of the property? We can safely argue that the answer is an obvious No; and that is why we have to face the situation before us; and that could also be the reason for the formation of the ministerial committee [allegedly formed in Jul 2016?].

Would LHL have suffered financially in razing the house instead of selling it to LHY? I have my doubts. Whether the land is re-developed subsequently or left undeveloped, it would still remain a prime piece of estate.

What remains as a huge question mark is the ministerial committee of 4 high powered ministers – why was this committee not in existence or formed when LHL was the owner? He was the owner for 9 months. Who, precisely, originated the idea of forming this committee? Who started talking or writing to whom? Anything minuted or documented? If not, why?

Were other similar ministerial committees formed for privately owned properties, say, in the last 20 years?

To lawyers out there – if LHL had demolished the property sometime in the period Mar 2015 to Dec 2015, everything would seem to be above board? The govt would have treated it as a private matter, whether it was 38 Oxley Road or 23 Jalan Besar?
I think most of us here would say Yes.

Another question: there is nothing in the law as at this moment that would prohibit the executors from applying to the relevant govt dept for permission to proceed with demolition, assuming such permission is a requisite for demolition?

That said, and in terms of the pointers we have evaluated here, it would seem that there is something fishy going on in this saga; the sudden interest of the govt after the disposal of the property by LHL; the sudden desire about preserving and the orchestrating of a high powered ministerial committee – all for what?

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