“Did Lee Kuan Yew’s will ‘specifically accepts and acknowledges that demolition may not take place'”?

Comment posted by me in theonlinecitizen website in response to article “Did Lee Kuan Yew’s will ‘specifically accepts and acknowledges that demolition may not take place'”?

My comment 24 Jun 2017:

Indranee, let’s be clear, OK? Are you a lawyer? Oh, I forgot.

One part of LKY’s will is clearly unequivocal; he gave clear instruction: “demolish the house immediately after my death.” When did he die? 23 Mar 2015; no issue, here, I suppose.

So, Indranee, when do you think would be the appropriate time for the demolition of the house? Can you give us an answer? Don’t beat about the bush, please; this is a simple question; I expect the answer to be in terms of weeks, if not days; do you agree, or disagree? Please tell us; would a time-frame of 6 months, from 23 Mar 2015, for demolition, be considered reasonable? Please answer.

Can we say that, legally, LHL became the effective owner of the house on 24 Mar 2015. Do you agree with this? Despite acquiring ownership of the house, was LHL, in terms of the law, required to action in terms of the demolition clause expressed in the Will, in other words, take steps to demolish the house, in accordance with the terms of the Will? Yes or No? If Yes, then would you say that LHL has evidently failed to give effect to this part of the Will of LKY? May I remind you, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

If as the new owner of the house, LHL was no longer legally constrained to follow LKY’s Will, in terms of house demolition, then, would you not consider that LHL should still have proceeded with the demolition of the house as a matter of filial piety to his father, somewhere between Mar 2015 and Dec 2015, before the transferring of the house to LHY at market value? Would you agree that in the circumstances that have unfolded, LHL can be seen as having acted against his father’s Will?

OK, the next point is not strictly about LKY’s Will but something inextricably tied to it; the high-powered ministerial committee that was allegedly formed [precisely when, can you tell us?] to look into the question of preserving, or not preserving, 38 Oxley Road.

Was this committee formed only after LHL had divested ownership of 38 Oxley Road? Yes or No? If the answer is Yes, then it would be only appropriate to question why this was so; suspiciously hanky-panky, as a favor to one party and a disfavor to the other? How many similar ministerial committees have been formed, say, in the last 20 years, for deciding on question of preservation of houses privately owned?

But no matter how we would like to slice it, there is, at present, absolutely nothing in the statute book about preserving 38 Oxley Road as a heritage structure, Yes or No? If the answer is Yes, then it would not be unlawful or illegal for the executors of LKY’s Will to start the demolition process, starting a few days from now, if they so wish? Does this idea strike you as above board? Please revert with some clear answers, Senior Minister of State for Law and Finance.

We are very interested to hear from you.

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