Re formation of ministerial committee vis-a-vis 38 Oxley Road

Comment posted by me in theonlinecitizen website in response to article “Lee Weiling asks whether the cabinet committee to consider govt decision on 38 Oxley Road a secret”

Comment 23 Jun 2017

Let’s evaluate with regard to some pointers, in terms of my understanding and what I have heard so far:

Ministerial committee in question:

This was allegedly formed in Jul 2016, after LHL had sold 38 Oxley Road to LHY, in Dec 2015. Who originated the idea of forming this committee, notwithstanding TCH being its Chairman? We haven’t got the answer to this, have we? As TCH and Tharman have claimed, there is nothing secretive about this committee or its formation; if there was nothing secretive about it, as alleged by TCH and Tharman, then we have to query LWL’s post of 22 Jun in her FB alleging:

The Committee refused to identify its full membership for almost a year.
The committee refused to state terms of reference despite may [many?] requests from LKY’s estate.
DPM Teo never disclosed to LKY’s estate what options the committee was considering.
Only when forced into daylight do they say that its purpose is to make a ‘recommendation’ to future govts.

Until info about this committee came to light, only days ago, the public, I dare say, has had no knowledge of the existence of this committee; has the govt published feedback about its existence or formation? But I would stake my money – the entire balance in my banking account – that the kingpin, the PM, has had knowledge all along, concerning this committee, from the time of its formation, or even before it was formed.

One big question we have to ask, concerning preservation of so-called heritage landmarks: which other ministerial committees – with some similar features to this one – have been formed, say, in the last 20 years?

The fact that this committee was formed after LHL had divested his ownership of 38 Oxley Road is suspiciously hanky-panky. There was no such committee when LHL was or became the owner of 38 Oxley Road; and we can’t avoid asking a resounding “Why”?

LHL allegedly said in Parliament in Apr 2015: “… there was no need for the Government to take a decision in respect of 38 Oxley Road until Wei Ling no longer resided there, and that it would be up to the Government of the day to consider the matter.” So, one can argue that the formation of the committee in Jul 2016 appears as a contradiction of the statement allegedly made by LHL as stated above; did LHL forget what he had said months ago in Parliament? Maybe he has had no say regarding the formation of this committee? But that would be an over-stretch of the imagination – the kingpin was not aware of a ministerial committee being formed? What sort of kingpin or PM is that?

This post is getting a bit long, so I am stopping here; will post again. [end of comment]

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