Article in REACH [govt website] by Shanmugam: Forge Bonds Across Racial Lines

My comment as posted REACH 16 Jun 2017

Article: Shanmugam: Forge Bonds Across Racial Lines

My comment:
Yes it is indeed salutary to live in a community where racial harmony is embraced and practiced. Forging of bonds of love or friendship between different racial groups is not only important, in a multicultural community, but also contributory to peace and harmony for all the community members concerned; in short, racial harmony is beneficial to the community.

That said, Mr Shanmugam should know, or should have known all along, that the illicit tweaking of the Singapore Constitution for the purpose of ensuring that the President succeeding Tony Tan is a Malay of racial origin smacks of an action that is clearly racist and contrary to what is stated above, in this article. The tweaking of the Constitution is clearly a case of playing the race card, of being racist, of being divisive rather than bonding.

It has not been uncommon, it seems, for this govt to be advocating X and then found to be doing, not X but anti-X or the opposite of X.

I have lived through from the fifties and was strongly supportive of the PAP when it first came to power, and the two decades or so thereafter.

I have observed the PAP govt as being saturated with half-truths or half-lies in the last 20 years or so.

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