A sham election – Presidential Election Application Opens 1 June

Comment posted by me in REACH under the article “Presidential Election Application Opens 1 June”

Posted 2 Jun 2017
This is a sham election, a shameful one that some people have orchestrated as legal when it is not.

OTC was our first people-voted President – is this correct, is this a fact? If the answer is Yes [how can it be otherwise?], then it can be argued that TT was the second people-voted President. S R Nathan became President as a result of a walk-over; no other candidates stood for election.

In the race for the Presidency in which OTC contested, no one from a minority race entered for election when the field was open; only one candidate, a Chinese, stood against OTC; likewise, no one from a minority race entered the race when TT was voter-elected; all the three candidates who challenged him for the position were all Chinese.

What utter rubbish has the govt been spouting, about Singaporeans having the tendency to vote for someone from their own race – was the govt referring to the Presidential elections? Must be, because it was precisely concern with the Presidential elections that led to the govt’s irrational actions in tweaking the Constitution. But, then, where is the evidence that minority candidate[s] had entered for the Presidential elections but was/were not voted in by the people?

We know the answer of course, it’s all stated above; not a single member from a minority race had entered for people-voting Presidential elections and lost.

The govt may have been, and probably still is, harboring the illusion that racial consideration is applicable to the post of President only, and that the post of PM is not open to any member from a minority race. It has conveniently forgotten that for 58 years, the post of PM of Singapore has been reserved strictly for the Chinese, probably, as a result of a false illusion that no one from a minority race was capable of assuming the role of PM.

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