The politics in Singapore concerning Presidential elections

Comment posted by me in The Online Citizen website under the article: Date with High Court, Cha-cha with Cheng Bock

16 May 2017

What Vernon has written is highly philosophical, in terms of legal application.

However, the idea behind these Constitutional changes affecting the election of the President was hinged on the race factor, that Singaporeans would vote typically for someone from their own race. Chinese would vote for a Chinese, Malays for a Malay, and Indians for an Indian and so forth. But there was no people-voting process for the first four Presidents; they were all ushered in as a result of Parliamentary proceedings. Furthermore, of these four Presidents, only one was a Chinese; the other three were all from a minority race.

Let’s now shift our focus on people-elected Presidents; the first people-elected President was OTC [a Chinese]; only one other contestant stood against him, and this contestant was also a Chinese. The second people-elected President was TT; three other contestants stood against him and they were all Chinese.

So the question we have to ask ourselves, and so must this fooking govt: Has any member from a minority race entered for elections for the Presidency and lost?

If the answer is so obvious that the question itself may sound stupid, why then has the govt engaged in such irrationality as tweaking the Constitution to ensure the next President is a Malay? Absolute stupidity or insanity on the part of the person[s] who orchestrated the Constitutional changes.

There is no need for us to go around searching for legal flaws to challenge. The obvious and greatest flaw of the govt is in misleading the people by using the race card, by saying that because the majority of Singaporeans are Chinese, no member of a minority race would stand a chance of being elected in an open election requiring people – the citizens – to cast their vote. But we know better; we know what happened in Anson when J B Jeyaretnam was elected; and in the recent by-elections in Bukit Batok, an Indian was elected.

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