The politics in Singapore with regard to racial considerations for post of President [or Prime Minister?]

My comment, posted in REACH on 28 Apr 2017 in connection with article “PMO: Announcement on Cabinet Changes.”

OK; we have heard enough. But there is something else we want to hear: When is the current PM stepping down, to make room for a new PM from a minority race? For 57 years no one from a minority race has held the post of Prime Minister. If the govt thinks race is an issue, for the post of President – but the govt’s thinking on this has been highly illogical or irrational, thus has no legitimacy – then by the same token, taking into account racial consideration, the next Prime Minister must be a non-Chinese. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Agree?

[For readers who are not familiar with the background, please read about the Constitutional changes initiated by the govt, to ensure that the next President of Singapore (starting from 2017) must be a Malay]

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