Housing and Development Board refused to accept a cheque [$200] tendered in payment as it was made payable to “Housing and Develoment Board” instead of “Housing and Development Board”

Here’s an interesting story worth further reporting; from my perspective, no less.

Tan Kin Lian [ex-CEO of NTUC Income] posted this on his Facebook on 19 Mar, and this article appeared subsequently on Soul of Singapore after someone, Titus Yap, found the article worth sharing:

“My staff made a small mistake when she wrote a cheque of $200 to HDB for rental of their room. She wrote the payee as “The Housing and Develoment Board: with a “p” missing.

Guess what? The HDB staff refuse to accept the cheque. She returned the cheque and asked for another cheque to be issued and sent to them before the deadline for payment. They don’t realize how costly it is to prepare a new cheque and hand it over personally.

Do you want to know why Singapore is so costly, so wasteful and so inefficient? It is this kind of unnecessary hassle. What’s wrong with accepting a cheque with a small error. The SOP said that the cheque cannot be accepted, if it is not “properly written”, right?

Okay, we continue our wasteful practices.”

And guess what? Just read the shocking amount of flak that has been heaped on TKL, the outpouring of irrationalism, or of vindictiveness, or of prejudice, if you like, from several posters of this website; unbelievable human folly, or stupidity.

Would any bank in Singapore refuse to accept for deposit into Housing and Development Board’s account a cheque made payable to “Housing and Develoment Board”? The answer, at least to people who are capable of rational reasoning, or people with commercial/business experience, is a resounding NO. And yet, we have here a group of 18/19 persons who have spouted very spurious or irrational arguments/opinions in favor of the rejection by HDB of the cheque in question, because of a missing “p” in the term “Development.”

Well, history will attest to who was/were the irrational parties in this incident.

Collin Cheah

I can’t believe what I read in this post. Is this guy for real?

Mahita Vas

Posting this on SoS only showcases this idiocy. Such posts only lower the standards here. Such a shame.

Aetherion Lim

brb, starting a coy call The Housing and Develoment Board

Chia Wenjie

I thought can cancel and countersign it?

Richard Woo

Yup, some people cannot see idiocy when it hits them in the face. The idiocy in this case is the refusal in accepting a cheque with such an inconsequential oversight. Which banker acting for HDB would refuse to accept the cheque for deposit into HDB’s account, because of one missing letter? Does this missing letter make all the difference for accepting or not accepting the cheque? Let’s be rational.

Wilfred Teo

You’re right. I’m sure the bank will honor a cheque payment to you made out to Ricard Woo. Irrational right?

Collin Cheah

The bank will honour…except it doesn’t show on Richard’s account, then what? Richard will kpkb, why the bank so stupid, create so much problem for everyone, and all because someone refuse to use another 5 cents? Anyway Singaporean favorite pastime…

Wilfred Teo

5 cents only meh? To hear SOMEONE say it, it sounds like it costs a lot to issue another cheque.

Richard Woo

Sorry, folks. I don’t think any bank would refuse to accept the cheque in question, for deposit into HDB’s account. That’s one huge reality. All else is irrelevant; and sorry, folks, if you can’t see the idiocy in refusing acceptance of the cheque, I will just stop here.

JH Melvin

If banks didn’t care about spelling errors, every cheque issued in this world would have a larger additional number of recipients, especially short names, surnames and registered acronyms. It is a recognised control failure. It cannot be argued that entities with unique names such as “Housing and Development Board” should be given discretion, as every Wong who wants to bank in the cheque of a “Yong” with the same name would also argue about discretion, so it’s better to make it standard.

Alan Ng

Sesame Street is proud to present the Letter “P” The difference between President and Resident.

Samuel Low

this made me laughed too hard

Petia Choo

Haha you people very funny.

Kiat Tan


Daniel Ong

Walau… like that want to run for presidency ah?

Weihong Ling

Maybe like Alan said, TKL was running for Resident…

JH Melvin

I heard his wife got real angry with him that day because she told him to go buy rice for dinner, but he came back with ice.

Mahita Vas

Hahaha!!! BEST!!!

Collin Cheah

Sometimes, people like TKL, makes you grateful that u have a great PM who filters unsuitable candidates out for the more senior positions in gament (pun intended).

Boris Chan

You means HDB can deposit this cheque which the name is obviously wrong? He will rant against the bank if the cheque go through….His staff made a mistake n he rant against others.

Boris Chan

Just remember how he handled the prison miscarriage misinformation case.

JH Melvin

I don’t like tragic stories. Prefer to recall the time he put his mobile into the freezer.

Jonh Smith Benjamin

HDB has a P in it? What is he talking about?

Jen Ong Hubbard

Spell in full, and the P in the word ‘development’ was left out

Jeeva Thambiah

This man was the CEO of NTUC Income???

Daniel Ong Yea,

look at Trump… he became president.

Jeeva Thambiah

Nothing should surprise me any longer.

Anne Wong Holloway

Yeah, then and now NTUC Income is the meanest insurance co around. Ever.

Lee Kee Hong

Did he become like that after losing his deposit?

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