Opening of Syonan Gallery [museum] in Singapore

My comment [as posted on 15 Feb 2017 in theonlinecitizen website regarding article written about the opening of the museum stated above.

[My comment]

Name aside, we have to see the exhibits on display in this museum, and whether they are a true or correct reflection of history, of what happened in the past. A true reflection of history is far more important than the question of nomenclature.

That said, I have this to add: the Japanese soldiers, generally speaking, were the scum of the Earth in World War II. They and their govt can be blamed for the deaths of their civilians arising from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

What has become a controversy, between China and Japan, and between South Korea and Japan, is the veneration of dead soldiers – war criminals – at the Yasukuni Shrine by some Japanese politicians/govt officials. Japan is still a disgrace in some ways, and, occasionally, seems to forget its aggression and inhuman acts toward others in the past.

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