[1] Wave of terror in Istanbul, Cairo, Mogadishu [2] The Oakland Fire

Wave of terror in Istanbul, Cairo, Mogadishu [CNN/Huffington Post]


The Oakland Fire [NYT/Huffington Post]


[Text of an email sent by me to some friends on 12 Dec 2016]

As usual, bad news is a dime a dozen; read about [a] the wave of terrorist attacks that occurred in Istanbul, Cairo and Mogadishu and [b] the deadliest fire in recent years that killed 36 people.

And, as usual, no way can my questioning be construed as a belief that God/Allah exists; that would be critically illogical.

My query/questioning is this, and it is a huge challenge to God/Allah believers – in your next supplication/invocation to God/Allah, in your next prayer, in other words, ask for a miracle: no terrorist attacks or fighting/killing that result[s] in human death, for just one month, worldwide?

Or pray for a dozen apple or orange trees to sprout up overnight in the Sahara Desert? Why the doubt? Go ahead and pray! Faith can move mountains – as the Scripture says.

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