The Noose for Drug Offences: Humanity’s Failure [article posted in onlinecitizen website by M Ravi]

A commentary posted by me on 18 Nov 2016 in onlinecitizen website:

Topic: The Noose for Drug Offences: Humanity’s Failure [by M Ravi]

[My comments]

The death penalty has been debated, by various groups of people in various places. As of now, the fact that it has been abolished only in some countries [list has grown noticeably and further expansion can be expected] is just a reflection of the diversity of views common in people.

A debate took place last year in Singapore between two individuals [lawyers by profession] on the motion:  WE SHOULD ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY IN SINGAPORE. From the comments posted by members of the public, it was apparent that a number of people were against the motion. I was not in favor of a total abolition; my contention was, and still is, that the death penalty should be preserved, but only for murderers, terrorists and rapists who raped and tortured their victims. In a similar debate in the US [two years ago?], the audience voted in favor of retaining the death penalty.

If we have to hang, for drug offences, we should hang only the kingpin[s], so-called drug lord[s], not the minions who do the legwork. What deterrent can there be when people can be so ignorant of the consequences of their actions, and where being the mailman is not a choice but a means of livelihood for the person concerned? One counter to this is that ignorance of the law is no excuse; which is true. But people can be ignorant, none the less, on many things in life. The recent case of an executive being slapped with a jail sentence for punching a taxi-driver may be a case in point; he didn’t weigh the plausibility of being sentenced to jail for his actions.

Different punishment for different crimes; should the death penalty be taken out of the equation altogether is the question facing us.

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