Elected Presidency Changes Passed in Parliament

An article posted by me in REACH on 12 Nov 2016



My further comments:

Of the six persons who had served as President of Singapore, before Tony Tan, the first four were elected by Parliament, the fifth was elected through a popular vote of the citizens, and the sixth assumed the position as a result of “uncontested elections,” in other words, there were no other contestants for the Presidency. Ong Teng Cheong was the fifth President and the first publicly elected President of Singapore. Tony Tan won the Presidency from three other contestants who were all non-Malay [no Malay contestants stood for this election]. When OTC stood as a contestant for the Presidency, only one other contestant entered the fray and he was also a non-Malay.

Thus the claim about Singaporeans having a tendency or desire to vote for someone of their own race  – for the Presidency or some other political post – has no basis in fact. Did any member from a minority group enter the Presidential race and was not elected because of racial bias? Even if a member from a minority racial group had entered and lost, the loss would not necessarily be indicative of any racial discrimination; his personal credentials alone, apart from racial consideration, could be the determinants for his failure for election.

Who won the recent by-election in Bukit Batok? Was this person a member from a majority racial group? Of course not; this by-election was won by an Indian [I would retract if it can be shown that Indians were the majority of the citizens of Bukit Batok].

The 1981 by-election in Anson was won by J. B. Jeyaretnam; this result is another indication of Singaporeans not being racist when casting votes.

The Bill to amend the Constitution concerning the Elected Presidency can be seen as an act of skulduggery orchestrated with an apparent intent that smacks of irrationalism, or of a twisted mentality or unwarranted fear.

Past/Present Presidents:

1st P     –           Yusof Ishak

2nd P    –           Benjamin Sheares

3rd P    –           Devan Nair

4th P     –           Wee Kim Wee

5th P     –           Ong Teng Cheong

6th P     –           S R Nathan

7th P     –           Tony Tan

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