ISA [Internal Security Act of Singapore]

Posted by me on The Online Citizen’s website, on 3 Oct 2016…/…/who-cares-about-the-isa/

However one may wish to argue, the ISA is NOT a proper tool for administering justice; we have the courts for deciding whether a person is guilty of committing a breach of the law. The principle – one is presumed innocent until proven guilty, in a court of law – must not be allowed to play second fiddle to the concept of the ISA.

To use the ISA to imprison someone – without engaging in a legal trial in court – is tyrannical, without a taint of civility; being not only uncivilized, it is hugely barbaric and one-sided.

If a person is guilty of a legal offense, charge him/her in court; our panoply of legal enactments is no doubt sufficiently comprehensive in dealing with such a situation.

The ISA has no place in our society; it must be abolished, with immediate effect.

By Teo Soh Lung I am often told that Singaporeans don’t care about the Internal Security Act (ISA). The fact that this law has been with us for nearly 70 years is taken for granted and even with re…

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