Obnoxious or revolting passages in the Bible

I have received an email response from a reader: “Richard. You are advocating and justifying to persuade them to give up their religious practice.  What are you to offer them in replacement?”

This is good, it is evidence that some people do read what is presented to them.

What advice can I or would I give? Nothing much, except to say this:

A chunk of the Old Testament has been offered for perusal/evaluation; it is up to each reader to decide whether it makes senses to believe in so-called all-lovingness and all-mightiness of the character Yahweh/God, as portrayed.

If Yahweh/God-believers have been under the long-held misapprehension that morality has its source in Yahweh/God, then the textual scriptural evidence is the proof that they have been wrong all along. There are millions of people who do not believe in the Judeo-Christian God [Yahweh] and there are millions of people who consider themselves as non-theists. There is no point in replacing a false belief with another false belief or other false beliefs.

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