New criteria being introduced for presidential elections [Singapore]

Posted “REACH” website on 23 Sep 2016

Scrap the presidency, and save taxpayers’ money for a more meaningful purpose.

The role of our President has been nothing short of ribbon-cutting or lunch- or dinner-hosting.  No political muscle, no bite; only as effective as a placebo, in other words, any benefit that may accrue from so-called guarding of national reserves is only psychological.

But why is there a need for introducing new criteria for a role that appears to be so insignificant, so detached, in our political sphere? The new criteria as a whole seems like a clear orchestration for a specific purpose – as a pre-emptive strike against a popular figure who had stood as a candidate for the presidency but who, under the new criteria, is no longer eligible to participate as a candidate for the next presidential election.

The introducing of new criteria for presidential elections seems like a hare-brained scheme of the govt, hence a farce, in the views of many people.

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