Obnoxious or revolting passages in the Judeo-Christian Bible

Obnoxious or revolting passages in the Judeo-Christian Bible [text of email sent collectively to some friends on 16 Sep 2016]

The Bible, particularly the Old Testament, is saturated with obnoxious or revolting passages that can lead a decent person to puke or feel demoralized; Yahweh/God is portrayed in terms of biblical script as barbaric, bellicose, bloodthirsty, capricious, chauvinistic, cruel, destructive, freakish, genocidal, malevolent, manipulative, racist, revengeful, and a tyrannical egomaniac. And every one of these pejorative terms can be justified by reference to biblical passages. Has anyone here covered the first 15 chapters or books of the Bible?

That said, it can be seen as only natural for Christians, or some Christians, to have a preference for reading the New Testament rather than the Old Testament. But the OT, without a doubt, is the backbone of the NT, despite being highly diseased and incurable. Without the story of Genesis, Exodus, etc, what or which God is the NT referring to? However, no further surgical procedure [or editing if you like] is possible, because, for too long the Christian world has accepted, and even openly announced, [for Catholics, via papal bulls or encyclicals], that all passages of the Bible were words inspired or spoken by Yahweh/God, thus representing the truth that all Christians must embrace.

Arguably, what we believe or choose to believe, or what we do not believe or choose not to believe, will greatly influence our lives or the way we live and our attitudes toward ourselves and others. Hence we can never over-emphasize that believing, or having a desire or urge to believe, particularly the religious kind, can be a powerful force in the affairs of humanity, regardless of the fact that these beliefs are merely beliefs, with no empirical basis.

Writing about God/religion is not always risk-free as any discussion, whether on issues of direct concern or by implication, or on matters considered ancillary or only remotely connected, can evoke emotive feelings falling outside the bounds of reason or logic. And of course when people get emotional, they may start thinking irrationally or illogically.

I will be quoting some passages of the OT [and perhaps from the NT as well] just to show the character of Yahweh/God as portrayed.

Throw a blind eye if you want to, but it is all there.

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