The Internal Security Act of Singapore should be abolished

The following message was posted in REACH [a Singapore govt website] on 5 Aug 2016, in response to a speech allegedly made by K Shanmugam,  Home Affairs and Law Minister, in which he claimed that Singaporeans must speak up against terror:

“Yes, not only Singaporeans, but every decent, rational human being should openly denounce any act of terrorism that injures or causes destruction or has the potential to injure or cause destruction, to innocent people or their property.

But in a civilized society with jurisprudence being administered in accordance with the rule of law, fairly or justly, justice must be seen to be exercised, in full view of the public.

The ISA is not a proper tool for administering justice; there is no justice in using the ISA to put someone behind bars.

A person should be put behind bars, or punished in some other way, only after he/she has been proven guilty, after going through due process in a court of law.

The ISA is a despotic way of incriminating people; it has no place in a society run by civilized people.”

[by Richard Woo]

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