Heaven? Sure thing; just use your imagination.

Even if the concept of Heaven is nothing but pure speculation, Heaven can be seen to be not as blissful as some would like to imagine.

If you are a God-believer, hence also a believer of biblical accounts, have you ever thought or discussed about the angelic rebellion that allegedly occurred in Heaven – how a war was allegedly fought in Heaven [Revelation 12.7-9] and how the rebellious angels were cast out of Heaven and hurled down to Earth?

If Heaven can be claimed to be pure bliss as theists are wont to believe, then one has to question what allegedly caused or prompted the alleged rebellion. Whether it can be attributed to pride, jealousy or free will it would purely be a matter of perspective, or irrational speculation or imagination.

If the angelic rebellion can be conceived of as a true account – which of course would be applicable only to the religious or irrational – then it would be false to say that angels have no free will, unless another explanation is offered – that the free will bestowed by God has been withdrawn following the rebellion. Ad-hoc shifting of goal-posts? A common feature of atheistic/theistic discussion.

Still, what this means is that the rebellious angels had free will when they allegedly rebelled against God. And we can’t logically wiggle out of this, right?

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