National referendum – no good reason for Britain to hold a second referendum on the same issue.

Why I support a Second Referendum by Tan Wah Piow [this article, not shown here, can be accessed via the link given above].

[Commentary by Richard Woo, as posted on The Online Citizens’ website; intended as a counter to the position taken by Tan Wah Piow]

There is no argument that a referendum is representative of a democratic process. Why is there a need to call for a second referendum when the first referendum has been launched and the results are indicative of what the majority wants?

Whether the referendum is not legally binding is not material; the decision [legal in this case] by Parliament must be based on the referendum results.

To talk now of holding a second referendum is an attempt of putting the cart before the horse. All relevant considerations for holding a referendum should be carefully weighed before proceeding with the referendum. There is no question of going back to square one if referendum results are not amenable to some people; can the minority claim that some among the majority have made a wrong decision? They may or may not be right. But that’s immaterial; the die has been cast. And for democracy to be meaningful, the majority vote/decision has to be considered.

For so-called White Paper on immigration that was decided in the Singapore Parliament months ago, it was a decision in which the man in the street had no say, was in fact denied a meaningful forum to utter his thoughts on the matter. The PAPy-controlled govt was obviously worried that holding a referendum might derail their immigration plan to bring in so many people. If a referendum was held and the results showed that the majority was against the White Paper or its implementation, would Parliament still proceed with the White Paper? To do so would rob the referendum of its purpose or meaning.

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