Life is complex

This article can be found in The Online Citizen website:

Willing to respect boundaries, accept each other for who we are and coexist peacefully

This was posted [24 may 2016] in response to a commenter who, inter alia, said:

“There is nothing wrong in being gay or lesbian… whether it’s a choice or by birth is still arguable until now….because there are ex-gays or ex-lesbians…”

Yes, it seems a valid point and hard to refute.

Of course, the scientific study I cited [above] is not the whole picture or complete story.

If someone were to say to me: “life is complex,” I would not hesitate to agree with him/her.

What we are is all about nature and nurture; this is a fact that is indisputable. If both your parents are diabetic, then you as their offspring are likely to be diabetic, too, if not now, perhaps later on. But if your parents have never been alcoholic, that does not mean you are not an alcoholic now or would not become one later in life; life is dynamic and so are lifestyles. Arguably, we are not exactly the persons we were minutes ago. Old cells die and new ones are formed, from moment to moment.

Thus there is no question that a person born “straight” can become a homosexual later in life if he has been, say, forcibly or willingly subjected to homosexual practices [while in prison for example] and life in prison has led to a change in his personal habits or philosophy.

So it would not be surprising to hear of someone becoming ex-gay or ex-lesbian, or of someone becoming bi-sexual where he/she was a mono-sexual before. This is all about life being complex.

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