A comment made in response to views expressed by others about LGBT

This post appears in The Online Citizen website


It was written in response to an article by N Chan [20 May 2016], captioned “Willing to respect boundaries, accept each other for who we are and coexist peacefully”

Comment made by N Chan: “Myself, and I am sure many other Christians and Muslims desire to coexist side by side with LGBTQs. However, most of us would want LGBTQ lifestyle and practices to be kept within the sphere of one’s private life and not create a culture which runs has the potential to run in conflict with the values and beliefs we hold.”

There is a lot to be said here; there is a clear tint of bigotry in this passage that should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

First, LGBTQ – for whatever it means – is NOT a lifestyle that one chooses to embrace, as an option among others for a choice selection. If you were born an LGBTQ, then that would be your lifestyle in life.

I have no reservation in asking: What’s so great about Christian or Islamic values? To me Christianity is the greatest fraud in the history of humanity; Islam is not far from the heels of Christianity in this respect.

If LGBTQ lifestyle has the potential of running into conflict with the values and beliefs Christians and Muslims hold – a situation the writer is fearful of or abhors – what about Christian values and beliefs running into conflict with secularism or atheism?

Like most other Christians, the writer has no idea of the values being taught in the Christian Bible; he is probably not aware of the obnoxious, abhorrent or detestable speeches and actions allegedly originated from his God, as found in the Old Testament. Reams of them.

N Chan – please read your Bible – to educate yourself.

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