Prayer, wars and refugees

120,000 people in Syria got displaced over the past month, as a result of airstrikes by Russia.

Relocate or face extinction from bomb explosions. That’s the choice. And one result is the stream of Syrian refugees flowing into European countries.

As usual, I have this question: WTF are you, Yahweh or Allah, or whatever name your followers have for you? Some people have been killing/murdering in your name, and we have seen nothing but passiveness [or stupor?] on your side.

But, then, human imagination knows no bounds.

Some humans believe in the power of prayer; but praying has been going on for donkey years!

The clergy for Yahweh/Allah are dependent on cost of living support from their followers; the funny thing is that despite their belief in the power of prayer, we have seen no miracle like the outgrowth of a tree with, say, gold leaves in the compound of a church or mosque. Maybe the clergy are also pragmatic; maybe they have never prayed for such a thing to happen, and presumably would never do so. They already know that no amount of praying can replace a lost limb. That is a scientific fact, whether one likes it or not.

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