Memo no 9 to the Bible God aka the Hebrew God

Gawd, in my memo no 3 I mentioned, inter alia, If the Genesis account of Adam and Eve is true then we can say their physical bodies were works of your divine artistry. But some present-day people have expressed the opinion that the human body seems to have a number of flaws. However, we shall discuss this on another occasion.

So this memo [no 9] is mainly concerned with some of the flaws of the human anatomy. Is that ok with you? Ok, you say? Good. So let’s proceed.

  • [a] Located within the legs of a human body, more notably that of the female,  is “an entertainment complex” but this complex is located next to a sewerage, where smelly excrement is constantly produced and then excreted. If an engineer is entrusted with building an entertainment complex, would this engineer build it next to a sewerage area, with its overpowering stench? It has been suggested that no human engineer would conceive of such a lousy design, if he has other better options. Furthermore, due to proximity of the vagina and urethra to the anus, women are prone to genital and urinary infection. Since according to Genesis [6.6] – the Lord was grieved that he had made man on the earth and his heart was filled with pain – and since you allegedly made man according to your image you can be assumed to have, similar to that of a human being, an olfactory system that can be critiqued as horribly skewed or low-grade. You agree? You do? Good, you can’t argue against rock-solid evidence and you know that. Furthermore, in the story about Abraham, you allegedly made an appearance as a man to Abraham and his wife, Sarah, and you allegedly ate food prepared by members of Abraham’s household. Also, you allegedly incarnated as a human on Earth and lived on this planet for more than three decades. As I have just said, you can’t argue against rock-solid evidence. But would you agree that only a nincompoop can’t tell the difference between a fragrant or agreeable scent of, say, perfume or cologne and the nauseating or offensive stench of excrement and may prefer the stench of excrement rather than the scent of perfume or cologne? For someone who is anosmatic, there would be no question of exercising a preference. Gawd, you are not anosmatic, are you? No. So can we say that with few exceptions if any people with a normal sense of smell would prefer the scent of perfume or cologne to the nauseating stench of excrement? Can I take it that perfume and cologne, being products of human ingenuity, were substances unknown to you? [No answer]. However, I cannot discount that the nauseating stench of excrement is something pleasurable to you just as the smell of burnt animal meat is reported to be pleasurable to you. Gawd, it would not be inaccurate to describe you as having abhorrent tastes and preferences that are assuredly not human-like, in contrast to your having allegedly a human-like image.
  • [b] The human body and a human-designed manufacturing factory can be said to have a certain degree of similarity insofar as they are viewed on economic terms such as imbibing input and producing output. Notwithstanding this similarity there is a huge difference in their output; while the latter takes in raw or semi-refined materials and converts them into gleaming or refined, value-added products, the former takes in edible materials and converts them into stinking, waste products minus of course any absorption, good or bad, by the digestive system. Gawd, it is evidently clear you were hopelessly ignorant of the consequences of environmental pollution when you designed the human body, let alone non-human animals. There is no denying you created waste when you created animals and humans. Fortunately, humans have found a way of managing, notwithstanding only partially, human waste, estimated at 0.6kg per day per adult, through modern sanitation but modern sanitation is possible only in countries with abundant water supplies; it seems that in some countries in the world, including a developing country such as India, millions of people are still defecating in the open. Gawd, you are undoubtedly a low-grade engineer or architect.
  • [c] How come with your omniscience you did not foresee that your design of the anus would lead to acts of sodomy or homosexuality, which according to script led to your destruction of two cities and their inhabitants and your declaration that anyone committing homosexuality must be put to death? Seems like you were blaming and punishing others for your own stupid mistakes. Can you call that justice, you bull-shitter? I do not doubt your bull-shitting capacity for imagination; so try putting yourself in the shoes of a human: Can you imagine a supposedly all-loving god who is allegedly responsible for the design of the human anatomy telling his followers to exercise a fanatical hatred toward human homosexuality? Presumably, the all-loving God is insane or some of his followers are; plausibly they all are. Gawd, you agree? That’s debatable, you say? Ok, let’s leave it at that for the time being.
  • [d] Another undeniable flaw, in the context of so-called intelligent design or creation, is that the human body in its natural condition will stale in no time and needs constant washing [and scrubbing!] to stay clean and fresh. If one is living in an equatorial region with high humidity, without the benefit of air-conditioning, one would realize how uncomfortable or sticky it can feel without washing up or bathing just for one day, especially after a day’s outing.
  • [e] Other obvious body flaws: loss of minerals after about age 30 yrs leading to susceptibility to bone fracture and osteoporosis; enlargement of prostate in men leading to difficulty in passing urine; clogging in arteries in the heart leading to stroke or death; choking as the windpipe and the gullet share a common plumbing. We don’t need to know the exact figures but we know some people have suffered from stroke and died and some people have choked to death while eating; and we can see people being bound to wheel-chairs because of bone fracture arising from osteoporosis and men facing risk of prostate cancer because of prostate enlargement. Whether the Appendix has any useful function, its removal, from the numerous operations done so far, imparts no harmful impact on the body; on the other hand, if it gets infected, it can mean death for the person concerned.
  • [f] Presumably, you thought the inclusion of armpit hair or pubic hair would look good or in the case of the female body would make her look more beautiful or charming. But it is crystal clear from the evidence that this is not the case. Many modern women find armpit hair unsightly and would painstakingly take steps for their removal either through a do-it-yourself procedure with a shaver or with hair removal cream or spray, or through a more expensive process with longer-lasting results at a professional beauty clinic. If a woman happens to be a contestant taking part in a beauty contest requiring her, among other things, to sashay in a swimsuit, you can safely bet that any hair removal process to enhance her looks to maximum level would be an item of priority on her agenda. A contestant with any unsightly exposure of hair on her armpit or pubic area is not likely to go far in the competition. And there is evidence that many women have resorted to various beauty treatments, from cosmetics to plastic surgery, to enhance the beauty of their face and/or body. Dental reconstruction, including the use of false denture, an invention of man, is one of the most common and popular means of enhancing a person’s looks, regardless of their sex. Gawd, it seems you are in dire need of lessons concerning aesthetics. Please give some serious thought to registering yourself for lessons on beauty or aesthetics by human beauticians.

The only reasonable conclusion a rational person can draw from all this is that you are most probably a fake, a huge one, a false image created by man unto man’s image. And the Bible is the work of some crooked or muddled minds trying perhaps to gain control of a larger group of muddled minds. Gawd, do you agree? But some of the muddled who were under its control have woken up after seeing through the chicanery? Agree? You agree? Good. Peals of thunder and flashes of lightning, or volcanic eruptions, were once thought to be signs of an angry god, but science has taught us that these events are just part of nature, nothing more. And there is another fact which cannot be left unsaid: There are billions of people who have no belief in the Bible God aka Allah and that means you, yes, you, the psychotic delinquent and incorrigible liar everyone can get to know, provided they take the trouble to read, critically, diligently and without bias, the filthy book said to have been inspired by you, the Bible that is, or the Quran, a no less filthy book allegedly written by Muhammad, so-called last prophet of yours from dictations allegedly given by your henchman-angel named Gabriel over a period of 23 years.

PS: This was  a piece posted in another forum [Atheism v Theism] some years ago.

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