Memo no 5 to the Bible God aka the Hebrew God.

Gawd, I suppose you already know what I am going to say but anyway let’s put it on record – that this is my fifth memo.

Some people say the Bible as a whole is a book of filth and if it’s true that you inspired it then it’s true you inspired the filth and thus you can be accused of being filthy or the filthy source. Going by the script, with the many speeches said to have stemmed from your mouth, calling for punishing, plundering, stoning, killing and mass murder, of individuals and of groups of people, innocent or otherwise, you are portrayed as a god with worse than animal instincts. There are people, however, who think that certain parts of the Bible are beautiful. No doubt, this is all subjective, in terms of human rationality [or irrationality] and free will and so on. Perhaps you may wish to tell me which parts of the Bible, if any, you think are beautiful? For the moment, forget the filth spewed forth from your rotten mouth since it appears to be far more overwhelming than anything else that can be found in the Bible.  Although I have in my earlier memos provided some examples of your filth, we shall look at further examples in our subsequent discussions. Right now, let’s discuss your experiments.

A rough calculation indicates you have experimented no less than four times since the creation of Heaven/angels and Earth and the first two human beings but, sad to say, your experiments, despite your being allegedly omnipotent and omniscient, can all be considered as abject failures, don’t you agree? Ok, let’s review: [1] Heaven apparently was not blissful enough for some of the angels you allegedly created, because, according to script, these angels rebelled against you [2] in the so-called Garden of Eden experiment Adam and Eve are reported to have eaten from the so-called Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil when they were allegedly prohibited from eating from it though, until their eating from this tree, they were totally ignorant concerning good or evil and therefore could not be accused of committing any evil when they ate from it for the first and only time. Hence talk of “original sin” is utter rubbish and irrational, don’t you agree? [3] your selection of Noah and his family as suitable human models for the reconstruction of the human race was also ill-conceived and an exercise in futility, since despite your having dispatched so many so-called prophets, who allegedly worked in accordance with your directives, you reportedly personally came down to Earth to continue coaching, for approximately three years, your so-called chosen people, or people generally, and then died on the cross, giving rise to an interpretation of this death by some people as a sacrifice of yourself to yourself, perhaps to satisfy your irrational or convoluted thinking, or your need for a sacrificial victim. Smell of blood or burnt flesh to fill the emptiness in your nostrils? Maybe, as others have challenged, there is no question of any divine incarnation and the person who allegedly died on the cross was just a human being with human traits. But what good or efficacy, if any, has been achieved from all these actions or initiatives, one might ask? The answer must fall in the negative, since evil or suffering continues to be pervasive and millions or billions of people do not believe in you and thus are not interested in your teachings or the doctrines that your so-called disciples established. Furthermore, many of your so-called followers have apparently split into so many sects with discrepant beliefs and practices. So, your incarnation, assuming it is true, can be seen as the Lamb-cum-Holy-Spirit experiment and as experiment number 4 but a failure nonetheless, don’t you agree? Armageddon as per the Book of Revelation is another example of your hypocrisy and impotence.  Turn the other cheek, huh? The script says your robe was soaked red with the blood of the enemies you slaughtered.

Vide Revelation 21.2/3: I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God” – this proclamation sounds familiar, not unlike some of the stuff we see in the Old Testament.

Gawd, with your abysmal record, can we say with tongue in cheek that your Holy City experiment will also produce disastrous results? Can you foresee? Or being overly and overtly but insanely optimistic?

PS: This was a piece posted in another forum [Atheims v Theism] some years ago.

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