God or Allah – truth or bull? – Contents




[for wholesalers]


[Chapter 1 – available in book]

Is there a perfect being?

[Chapter 2 – available in book]

Solar System/Milky Way Galaxy/Universe

Big Bang Theory/Anthropic Principle

Age of the Earth/Creation as per Genesis

Solar System – Comparative Table

[Chapter 3- available in book]

Life hereafter

Chapter 4

“Intelligent design” argument

Court trial in the US on intelligent design

[Chapter 5 – available in book]

Ontological Argument

Message from Paul Grobstein to Rene Descartes

Watchmaker Argument

Cosmological Argument:

First Cause

Cause and Effect

Necessary and Contingent

Kalam Cosmological Argument

[Chapter 6 – available in book]

Summation and further considerations

Pascal’s Wager – from Sam Harris [with excerpts from some readers]


Chapter 7

A critical review of the story of Adam and Eve

[Chapter 8- available in book]

Child-bearing pain

Free will/God as bystander

Story of Noah

[Chapter 9- available in book]

A critical review of the story of Abraham

[Chapter 10 – available in book]

A critical review of Exodus

Chapter 11

God and his superstitions

Supreme goodness v eternal punishment

[Chapter 12- available in book]

Evil and intolerance of God:

Murder of Onan

Murder of son born to David and Bathsheba

God’s evil, tyranny and killing or genocidal instinct as exemplified in Exodus, Leviticus, etc.

Parable of the 10 minas

Ananias and Sapphira [Acts 5.1-11]

Paul’s unforgivingness [Acts 13.6-12]

[Chapter 13 – available in book]

Morality and Good/Evil

[Chapter 14- available in book]

R- available in book]eligious membership

Religion – a curse on mankind

Religion as morality

Can apostasy be made official?

[Chapter 15- available in book]

Examples of racism/bigotry

Question of term “Allah” as a copyright

Excerpts from Janadas Devan’s article: One God many names

High court decision/public reaction

Dichotomy of Church and State

Definition of religion/positive and negative aspects of religion

A secularist policy deserves commendation

[Chapter 16- available in book]

Creation, creation to creation, evolution

Omnipotent/omniscience and creative philosophy

God’s so-called omnipotence – an imagined dialogue

Reading of Bible/bible

Avoidance of Bible in philosophic discussion of God/religion

[Chapter 17- available in book]

Where is the protection?

Sep 11 2001

Landslide in Philippines

Natural disasters

Acts of God

The nuclear environment

[Chapter 18- available in book]

Priest psychic?

Spiritual mediums/bomohs

Dogs howling/Ghost


[Chapter 19- available in book]


Being unique/different

Religion and national sentiments/Yasukuni

Kindergarten politics/baseless rhetoric

Rational/irrational/an imaginary case study

Examples of frail reasoning ([1] – [5]):

[1] Cherry-picking by some Australians

[2] Brahma and mentally ill person

[3] Shocking incident at Singapore Airport

[4] Is Buddha tooth here the real McCoy?

[5] God’s will – examples including Musharraf/Bush/Blair

[Chapter 20 – available in book]

To err is human – no exceptions

Infallibility is not infallible

Martin Luther’s On Jews and their lies

[Chapter 21 – available in book]

Human love/cruelty

Human imagination and creativity

Man creating deity/deities

“Dear Theologian” by Dan Barker

[Chapter 22 – available in book]

Thomas Aquinas [1225 -1274]


Prayer/irony/life’s complications/grim statistics

[Chapter 23 – available in book]


Life-span/Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide/Growing old

Advanced Directive or Advanced Medical Directive

Chapter 24

Basic differences in beliefs – Christianity/Islam/Judaism

The Koran/Shortcomings of some prophets

Men created superior to women vide Koran/Bible

The most beautiful thing in God’s whole creation is the body of a human female

Ms Hauwa Ibrahim and Syariah law

[Chapter 25- available in book]

Was Muhammad a prophet sent by God?

Was Islam started purely on religious grounds?

Islam’s forsaken renaissance by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Miracles/Discrepancies in gospels

Excerpts from Marshall Gauvin’s “Did Jesus Christ Really Live?”

Marian apparitions

[Chapter 26- available in book]

Apparent falsehoods

Apparent distinction in images of God/contradictions or nonsense

Proscription against marrying one’s sister

Super biological procreativity

The Immaculate Conception

Assumption of the Virgin Mary

[Chapter 27 – available in book]

Birth of Jesus and King Herod


Holy Communion Animal/human sacrifice and circumcision

The Trinity/Revelation

[Chapter 28- available in book]


Is there a purpose?

What is the meaning of life?

A God-believer’s philosophy

An example of faith bounded by ignorance/Alzheimer’s disease

[Chapter 29 – available in book]

Contradictions or inconsistencies in an “inerrant”, “God-inspired” Bible.

[Chapter 30- available in book]

Concluding comments/looking back [including excerpts from Prof Victor Stenger’s book – God the Failed Hypothesis]

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  1. God or Allah, let’s discuss – Introduction « Richardwkc's Weblog Says:

    […] I have received feedback from several friends concerning my thesis, available for perusal via the Internet https://richardwkc.wordpress.com/2009/12/28/god-or-allah-lets-discuss-table-of-contents/ […]

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  4. Agagooga Says:


    I think you should put out an update here since the book has been out for a while

  5. richardwkc Says:

    God or Allah, truth or bull? has been launched in February 2011 in the US and is available online:

    BookOrder@AEG-Online-Store.com [for wholesalers].

    The normal retail price of the publisher is US$29.00 [excluding shipping]. The shipping cost alone, for shipment to Singapore, is about US$9.

    I still have a few copies left, from a purchase I made recently, at author’s privilege price, that is, minus the author’s share of royalty; in other words, the author forfeits his/her royalty when he/she buys at author’s privilege price. The landed cost per book for me was Sin$37.00.

    Due to the high printing cost in the US [for this book the printing cost was US$9.70] and high shipping cost for an overseas buyer, the import cost in Singapore seems highly prohibitive.

    I am currently exploring the plausibility of doing ‘a South East Asian edition’ – with a local printer, subject to clearance by The Media Development Authority of Singapore and, perhaps, clearance form my current publisher .

    Local printing companies and book distributors/publishers are leery concerning any literary work about God/religion.

    Because people, or many people, think that God is real, existent, and that no one should speak ill of God, notwithstanding that the God of their belief is portrayed in biblical script as a cruel. racist, insane, genocidal maniac.

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