Article [27 Jun 2018]: “The role of religion in fighting inequality” by Farouq Fareez

June 29, 2018

My comment [posted on 27 Jun 2018] in response to this article.

For a start, I have my doubts that religion can effectively help in resolving inequality in our midst.

If we look closely at human history over the last, say, two thousand years, we can say religion, in general, has been the cause of much friction and fighting, and strife and suffering, among humans. In my opinion, religion can be said to be more divisive than unifying.

The wars that had been fought from religious conflicts had robbed the lives of millions of people; so-called Taiping Rebellion in China [1850-1864] alone ended the lives of about 20 million people.

How can religion resolve inequality when there exists so much inequality in religion itself? Take the Catholic Church, for instance; can a female Catholic ever hope of becoming the Pope? Voting for a new Pope is restricted to Cardinals/Bishops, who are all male. Read the Judeo-Christian Bible, about treatment of human males vis-a-vis human females; females are seen as inferior to males. What about the Quran? The Quran says: Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. [sura 4.34, p. 83, The Koran (with parallel Arabic text) by N. J. Dawood (1990)].  Has any Muslim woman acted as a cleric? Or are all clerical positions reserved only for male Muslims? Muslim men, if I am not wrong [maybe in some Muslim countries, if not in all Muslim countries] can marry a girl as young as 6 – 10 years of age; but I have not heard of any Muslim woman marrying a boy of age 6 -10 [correction, please?].

Religion is not all bad, of course. But religion in general has more ill-effects than quality for mankind.