Google halts business operations with Huawei with immediate effect, current users not affected Kiara Xavier 2019-05-21 Tech

May 21, 2019

My comment [posted TOC 21 May 2019]:

Excerpt from TOC article:

“This move comes following reports that the US company will suspend business with one of the leading mobile manufacturers in the world, after it was added to a US trade blacklist last week.” End of excerpt

A plausible tit for tat – for the Chinese govt – if this has not already taken place – is to ban US made products [Apple smartphones, laptops, etc?] from entering China.

For me, personally, I think the US govt has become a freak govt that deserves opprobrium.

If I were now contemplating of buying a new phone, Apple would be completely OUT; taking sides? Yes, I think the US action is unreasonable or unjustifiable.

The US administration is one fu56ed-up administration that thinks it has a right to do what it wants in its own backyard, whereas other administrations cannot do what they want in their own backyard.

Big brother syndrome? Anything else?